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Ortiz Air Inc

Ortiz Air Inc: It’s a Family Business

Ortiz Air Inc is a family-owned and operated HVAC company with vast experience of over 30 years in the air conditioning and heating industry. We proudly offer a myriad of services to satisfy the HVAC needs of residential and commercial customers in Lancaster and the surrounding areas. 


The owner of the company has previous experience working for big HVAC companies that overcharge their customers, he saw a need that needed to be fixed and tackled directly. The customers he helped during this time were pleased with his services and motivated him to create his own business.


Ortiz Air Inc has the firm philosophy that customers always come first, and that’s the secret of our success! As a family, we understand the importance of taking care of our loved ones, providing them with comfort and high-quality air, and as a business, we understand that we want all of our investments to last us as long as possible.


Work with a licensed HVAC company that understands your needs, work with Ortiz Air Inc.

What our clients are saying

  • Carlos Campos Avatar
    Carlos Campos
    - Google

    Reliable and dependable I would refer them to other people.

    Kimberly Irby Avatar
    Kimberly Irby
    - Google

    Thank you for doing a great job for my family and l put your company in our Neighborhood Watch Group Skytower Park Neighbors. We have 320 neighbors in... read more

    Richard Gavilanes Avatar
    Richard Gavilanes
    - Google

    Friendly! Fast! Affordable!

    Carrie Walker Avatar
    Carrie Walker
    - Google

    I read previous reviews, that's what prompted me to give them a call, my Central Air has not been working properly for a while now it would turn on for... read more

  • Da-Nalle G. Avatar
    Da-Nalle G.
    - Google

    I recommend this company, my heater has been out for most of the year i thought it was the igniter,so I decided to call around an get it fixed before... read more

    AJ De La Costa Avatar
    AJ De La Costa
    - Google

    I really cannot recommend Ortiz Air enough! Our AC in our all-in-one HVAC unit for our house went out last year in 2018 and of course, as they all do,... read more

    Dennis Doty Avatar
    Dennis Doty
    - Google


    Anthony Bursey Avatar
    Anthony Bursey
    - Google

    Very good people. Service is great also

  • alpharacing mannysredhatch
  • Reliable and dependable I would refer them to other people.

    Carlos Campos
  • Jonnine Soto